Reviews of CD New FrontiersNew-Frontiers-CD Cover

  • “… flutist Sean Grace demonstrates how drama can be expressed in an understated yet eloquent way. Grace possesses a supple, Celtic-flavored sound, and his compositions are evocative mood pieces.”

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  • “Grace’s style, inventiveness, and energy are reminiscent of Ian Anderson as a solo artist today as well as when he performed with Jethro Tull years ago. Like a Chinese juggler, Grace attempts to keep several music styles tumbling in the air all at once and frankly, does a brilliant job of it.”

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  • “… well performed and very professionally produced.”

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  • “You’ve never heard the flute played like this before.”
  • “Sean Grace’s flute playing is rich, moody, sparkling and also deep; some of my favorite parts sounded like a feather and some like thunder, beautiful trills added playfulness to the jewel like tones of the music.”
  • “It will take you to a whole new world.”

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  • “Sexy; tells you how to feel; puts a spell on you; takes you away.”
  • “This CD reaches the inner psyche where the soul cools its feet and lures the spiritual self out into the light for an engaging musical dance with the body. One feels free and alive. Sean is a Master. This CD is unique; a must have.”

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